4 things to consider when looking for Entertainment at your next Corporate or Special Events

Whether it is your first time looking for entertainment or a seasoned campaigner, there are always a number of factors to consider up front.

The single most important thing is TIME!

Try and leave yourself and your booking representative enough time.  The more time the better.  Artists and their representatives prefer to work with long lead times – not always possible, but in doing this you stand a better chance of securing the talent you want and not paying last minute rates. 

It also allows you time to integrate creative, production and marketing elements. The Artist’s and your team will thank you!

Secondly, it’s important to have a vision for what you want – we can always suggest ideas, but our curation will hit your objectives better if … you can give us an idea of your event type & theme, guest demographic and musical style preferred.

Production is also very important.   The best entertainment in the world won’t be considered world-class unless you can see or hear them properly.  The Artist won’t return to your stage again. Your guests will leave unimpressed.   Invest in production – everyone wins. 

And finally, the B word – Budget.

You don’t have to know exactly, but a ball=park estimate is very handy.

A $1,000 act is very different to a $50,000 act – both can give you a great show, but experience and profile changes the value.  You can’t buy champagne on a beer budget.  Beer can still taste pretty damn good though.  It’s a preference thing I guess – if you know what you want, you will save yourself and others that precious commodity of time.

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