Broken Record Podcast

Broken Records
Broken Records Podcast

Broken Record features interviews by the likes of legendary music producer Rick Rubin, best-selling author Malcolm Gladwell, former New York Times editor Bruce Headlam and Pushkin Industries Producer Justin Richmond.

They go deep with some of the world’s leading and most interesting musical artists – talk about their early life, musical influences, career experiences and often spend a lot of time discussing their creative process.

As a music fan, it is a joy to listen to a 2-way conversation with icons such as Brian Eno, Diane Warren, Paul Simon, Angelique Kidjo, Stevie Van Zandt, Michael Stipe, Flea, Nile Rogers, Bon Ivor, Norah Jones, Ringo Star, Mark Ronson, Pharrell Williams and Maggie Rogers.

Take a listen here if you feel inclined

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