Why I Try Link Purpose To My Work

Money is important clearly.  We all have bills to pay, families to provide for and little luxuries we might be lucky enough to indulge in. But moving beyond the necessities, is gaining more material possessions really the point? We all have different life situations and expectations and I’m not one to judge anyone else’s decisions […]

Who Is Going To Sing The Anthem?

Chloe Zuel

Sound Advice Music has worked extensively with the very best of the Australian Musical Theatre world to provide the highest quality performances of the National Anthems of Australia, England, New Zealand, USA and beyond. Stars of hit Broadway and West End Musical’s Moulin Rouge!, Chicago, The Lion King, The Book Of Mormon, Cinderella, Evita, Once, […]

Can Music Make The World A Better Place?

We in the music industry are lucky to do what we do.  Yes we are not saving lives, but we all play a small part in helping connect amazing artists with appreciative audiences. The combination is often quite magic. Sound Advice Music’s last booking of 2022, started being negotiated at the beginning of 2022.  A […]

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